Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And what did you do this year??

So, as I looked back on my blog to see when I last posted, I was shocked - it was just after the New Year when I last even looked here. Where has the year gone?? Why was I so busy?? What did I even do this entire year?? I got out my datebook to check it out...
- We bought a new treadmill
- We celebrated Matea's 2nd birthday
- We went to a retirement party
- We bought a new vehicle
- We flew to a 90th birthday party for Mike's mom
- We went to a blues concert in Hayward
- We went to Duluth for an Olympic's opening ceremony party
- We celebrated Carson's 4th birthday
- We went to the Mpls. Home and Garden Show
- We sat on the deck and drank coffee for the first time on May 7th
- I went out on a couple of girl's nights for dinner
- We went to Florida for two wonderful weeks!
- We sat on the beach for days on end...and loved it!
- We had daffodils in the garden on March 2, which was a first
- We spent Easter weekend in Duluth with the entire family
- We went to the Duluth Home and Garden Show in Duluth
- We made a new perennial garden in the back yard
- We redid the tree rings on the three boulevard trees out front
- We redid one flower bed off the deck
- Mike went to Eau Claire for a two-day seminar
- We babysat Maggie (one of our three granddogs) for a few days
- We both went to the Cities for a business seminar for Mike's job
- We rode the light rail downtown from the Mall of America and had dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe OUTSIDE on the evening of April 20th!
- I sold some clothes at Dannie Duluth consignment shop
- Went to South Carolina to watch my nephew graduate from college
- Celebrated Peyton's 6th birthday (from a distance)
- Went to a coworker's wedding (he was a bachelor till almost age 50!)
- Went to Duluth for a lot of weekend trips
- Went to a James Taylor/Carole King concert (finally, after 30+ years)
- Went to a Get Motivated business seminar
- Went to Duluth to see our newest (4th) grandbaby - Jolynn Victoria!!
- Planted a garden
- Mike helped Brandon move into a new place
- Had Katie and Matea here for a long girls'weekend while Mike, Aaron, and Brandon went to Chicago Blues Fest
- Planted a lot of new bushes in the yard and lots of flowers in the deck flower boxes
- Had new neighbors move in next door
- Went to the airport to welcome Jen home from her World Race trip
- Celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary!!
- Went to a Twins game courtesy of Dave and Jodi!
- Went to a welcome home party for Jen
- Babysat Peyton, Carson, and Bootsie while Aimee and Chad were in Mexico
- Had a visit from Beth, Joel, Mandie, Josh, Jodi, and Jolynn
- Fell down on an ACORN in the driveway and sprained my ankle and got scraped up! Stupid!!
- Had a surprise visit from Aaron, Katie, and Matea right after that and they brought us dinner and spent the night
- Went to the State Fair
- Had an overnight visit from Jodi and Jolynn
- Had a week and a half visit from Jodi and Jolynn
- Had a couple day visit from Brandon over Labor Day weekend
- Helped a neighbor host a Neighborhood Block Party (2nd annual)
- Went to Peyton's Victory Riders Horse Show
AND.....drum roll, please,
I collapsed after this was all accomplished!!

So, now I know what I did this summer (oh, and this doesn't include my every day typing, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.) That was done in between all my galavanting around the country!

Hope you had as fun of a year as I have had!
Until next time...


jodi said...

Holy Shamoley!!! You have been a busy lady. See what happens when you have so many people that you love and that love you! It's a great list. I don't think I could keep up with you. Thanks for sharing!!

Katie said...

WOAH DUDE! Time to take a nap. For a week! :-)